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Are you a Good Candidate for a Plastic Surgery Procedure?

Cosmetic plastic surgery can improve your looks and how you feel about yourself, but no surgery is without risks and those risks rise if you are not in overall good health. Certain conditions, such as diabetes, asthma, and heart or circulatory problems, can cause problems with healing or may seriously increase the risk of complications from any type of surgery.

When you meet with your plastic surgeon at your consultation, you will both go over your medical history. Here are some factors that can affect whether you are a good candidate for cosmetic surgery:

  • Do you smoke?
    Smoking interferes with healing and causes lung problems. If you do smoke, you should not smoke for at least 2 weeks before your surgery and 2 weeks afterward. The best thing to do is quit smoking completely.

  • Do you eat a healthy, well-balanced diet and exercise regularly?
    A healthy lifestyle with a diet low in fat and high in fiber, fruits and vegetables makes you a good candidate for plastic surgery.

  • Are you overweight?
    You should be within 20% of your ideal body weight to be a good candidate for plastic surgery. Your Body Mass Index (BMI) should be between 18 and 25, ideally. Use our BMI calculator to quickly find out what your BMI is.

  • Are you a diabetic?
    Diabetics do not heal from surgery as well as people who are not diabetics. You need to make sure your blood sugar levels are under control before your surgery.

  • Do you have high blood pressure (hypertension), circulatory problems, or any heart conditions?
    These heart and circulatory system problems can increase your risk of complications during any surgery.

  • Do you have asthma, chronic bronchitis, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), or other lung problems?
    These lung and breathing problems also increase your risk of complications

  • Do you take any prescription or over-the-counter medications regularly?
    You may be instructed to stop taking certain medications for a week or two before your surgery. Your surgeon will give you instructions




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