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DoctorsSayYesSM, a subsidiary of My Choice Medical Holdings, Inc., was founded in 2001 and is a trusted online plastic surgery and elective health website providing cosmetic and plastic surgery information to assist consumers in making educated decisions about elective medical procedures. DoctorsSayYes provides access to a national network of independent board-certified surgeons that perform procedures including liposuction, breast procedures, facial cosmetic procedures, male plastic surgery procedures, and rhinoplasty. Our mission is to provide customers with the highest quality experience of services that include a client services consultant, access to our nationwide selection of independent board-certified surgeons, and affordable financing programs all designed to help those considering plastic surgery to achieve the look they deserve. DoctorsSayYes is based in Alpharetta, GA and has assisted over 30,000 satisfied customers with financing through the independent board certified surgeons participating within the program.

My Choice Medical Holdings, Inc. is medical practice management and marketing company focused on the elective cosmetic specialties. The company currently manages over 170 independent plastic surgery centers throughout the continental United States and contracts only with board-certified plastic surgeons.













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